In March 2018, the Tribal Health Department got a new electronic health record (EHR) called EPIC Community Connect.  Getting EPIC followed months of analysis looking for a system to meet TH and recipient's needs.     
The transition from the Indian Health Service RPMS system to a newer registration system has been a learning experience for recipients and TH staff alike.  The migration of data from one system (EPIC) to another system (RPMS) is an issue the TH is still analyzing and refining.  
As a result of training and migration issues, TH saw a need to update registration information with current insurance information, Medicaid information, phone, etcetera.  With this effort we are essentially updating two computer systems to (1) keep recipient registration information accurate for the billing of alternate resources when TH provides services internally and (2) keeping insurance information accurate for the purpose of paying Tribal Health Paid Care bills to outside medical providers.  
Both of these needs are essential to the purpose that TH meets – the provision of medical service and the payment for medical care when medical care is provided outside.      
A registration promotion contest was held from 10/17/2018 thru 12/14/18 and as a result, approximately 2,251 prize tickets were collected from recipients updating their registration information in the medical clinics and health centers. 
The prize winning recipient was drawn on 12/14/18.  The prize of $500.00 cash was awarded to Whisper Camel-Means who updated in the St. Ignatius Health Center as part of an optical visit.  
Raelena Whitesell, TH Optical Program, was the TH staff member who updated Camel-Mean’s information.  Whisper stated “I update my registration information annually every year."   
TH recipients will see an increased effort to update registration information at every location, including pharmacy.  
There are at least six (6) different software programs used by TH and each system does require the updating of recipient information to ensure eligibility for pharmacy, dental, medical and other services that TH provides.   
The TH goal is accurate information. Pharmacy recipients can sign up for a text message notice when prescriptions are filled by providing a current phone number to the pharmacy staff.