Tribal Health Welcomes New Public Health Educator Amber Landowski 



Q & A with Public Health Educator Amber Landowski 



Bachelor of Science in Health Promotion/Wellness


Tribal Health job title:

Public Health Educator 


What are the primary duties of your new position?

I will primarily be working as a Public Health Educator for the Arlee community by addressing their health needs and providing evidence based health promotion programing. Examples may include but not limited to one’s social, physical, emotional, career, intellectual, environmental, and spiritual health. 


Where did you receive your education?

University of Wisconsin Stevens Point 


What is your prior experience relevant to your new position?

Prior to this I was a community health intern for a rural community and most recently I worked for a precision medicine research program. 


Are you a Tribal Member?

I am not a Tribal Member 


Where are you from?

Originally from a small unincorporated town in Northern Wisconsin 


Why did you choose a career in health?


I decided to go into the health field because of my past experience within my own personal health. I strongly believe in preventing adverse health outcomes with healthy lifestyle changes.



What are you excited about in your new position?

I’m most excited to be out in the community connecting with others. I want to bring information forward that is easy to understand and make an impact by making small new healthy habits within all of us. 



What activities and/or hobbies do you pursue in your free time?

In my free time you can find me outside in nature! I enjoy walks with my dog Louie, swimming, fishing, camping, hiking in the mountains, stand up paddle boarding, and the list goes on.