Welcome Michael D. Lawrence, new Tribal Health Pharmacist.
  • PharmD (Doctor of Pharmacy)
  • BCPS (Board Certified Pharmacotherapy Specialist) 
What are the primary duties of your new position? 
  • I will be working as a community care pharmacist 2 days per week in Polson and as an ambulatory care pharmacist 2 days per week in St. Ignatius.
Where did you receive your education? 
  • University of Montana School of Pharmacy (Missoula, Montana); Class of 2017
What is your prior experience relevant to your new position? 
  • Completed a residency at the Veterans Affairs Hospital in Seattle, Washington. 
  • Worked for 2 years at an Urban Indian Health Center in Western Washington. 
Are you a Tribal Member? 
  • No. 
Where are you from? 
  • Lake Stevens, Washington. 
Why did you choose a career in health? 
  • To be in service to others and to contribute to the community.
What are you excited about in your new position? 
  • Very excited to be back in Montana! 
  • I am also looking forward to meeting new friends, colleagues, and patients in the area. 
  • I am hoping to make Western Montana home for a long time to come. 
What activities and/or hobbies do you pursue in your free time?
  • Guitar, Music, Reading, Hiking, Cooking, and DIY Projects.