All ages 12+ years and older can
get the COVID-19 Vaccine now.
Creative design for Coronavirus vaccine background. Covid-19 corona virus vaccination with vaccine bottle and syringe injection tool for covid19 immunization treatment.
Currently, Tribal Health is taking appointments for every person, aged 12 years and older, to receive the COVID-19 vaccination.
Those interested in receiving a vaccination are asked to make an appointment online at
Please search for appointments using key words: Arlee Community Center and/or Salish Kootenai College.
Please note, the Pfizer vaccine can now be administered to those 12 years and over.
Minors will need a signed consent form from parent or legal guardian to receive COVID-19 vaccinations.
COVID-19 vaccinations and other vaccinations (such as influenza, pneumonia, etcetera) can now be administered simultaneously. 
Upon arrival to your appointment, each patient will be screened for symptoms of COVID-19. Each patient will also receive information about the vaccine, and a card that has the date to receive the second dose of the vaccine, which is approximately 21 days after the first dose. After receiving the vaccine, patients will be asked to stay for an additional 15-30 minutes for post-vaccination monitoring.
As always, this planning is subject to change, according to availability of the vaccines. 
Tribal Health providers encourage everyone to get vaccinated because it is a key step in saving lives and ending the pandemic. Below you will find some educational resources to help you learn more:
The full benefits of immunity are not reached until two weeks after the second dose of the vaccine, so as cases of COVID continue to rise, Tribal Health reminds everyone that it is critical now to physically distance, wear a mask and wash your hands. Also, minimize gatherings, potlucks and delay travel if possible. 
A draft of the state’s COVID-19 Vaccination Plan can be found here.
For more information, please visit the Tribal Health website at or call 406-745-3525.