Nurse Appreciation Week
Thank you to our wonderful Nurses of Tribal Health
Angel Grant, RN BSN
Quality Assurance Manager
All Tribal Health Health Centers
Why do you choose to work in Quality Assurance?
To assist Tribal Health in the improvement of patient outcomes with the embodiment of our promise that "We are dedicated to helping every Tribal Health recipient receive high-quality health care grounded in Tribal values."
Favorite part of nursing?
In my current position, achieving increased patient satisfaction through quality care delivery.
Chelsea Kleinmeyer, MSN, RN
Community Health Division Director 
Why Do you Choose Community Health: 
I believe there is power in Community. The health of an individual is affected by the health of the community. Through community assessment, communication, and stakeholder collaboration, we can drive change and advance health.  
Favorite part of Nursing: 
Being a part of meaningful change, whether that is with an individual patient, the community, or within the healthcare system.  
Sarah Meeks, RN
Community Health Nurse
Communities: Hot Springs and surrounding area
Why do you choose to be a community nurse?
I enjoy helping to identify and address needs that make communities stronger as a whole.
Favorite part of nursing?
Providing education that allows people to take control of their health.  
Jamie Cahoon MSN, RN 
Community Health Nurse 
Community: Polson 
Why do you choose to be a community nurse?
I chose to be a Community Health Nurse (CHN) because of the diversity of the position. As a CHN I am not doing the same thing every day, each day brings new challenges. I work with a range of patients from different patient populations to one-on-one. I appreciate my position and the opportunity I have with working with our tribal people.   
Favorite part of nursing?
The people. Every patient I get to work with is getting to know someone’s history, their life stories. I enjoy working with our elders, they are full of stories providing glimpses into the past. My next favorite part is taking care of people, I enjoy caring for others, helping them solve their medical or social needs.  


Sunny Whiteman, RN
Medical Clinic Nurse
St. Ignatius Health Center
Why do you choose to become a nurse?
I originally wanted to become a nurse to become educated and give back to the people on my home reservation. Going back to my home reservation didn't work out, but I have been fortunate enough to have been able to give back to the American Indian people on two different reservations (Chippewa Cree Tribe of the Rocky Boy Reservation and Salish, Kootenai, and Pend d'Oreille Tribes of the Flathead Reservation). I feel a sense of purpose and belonging while I'm caring for people with similar backgrounds as myself. 
Favorite part of nursing?
Being able to come to work and do what I love.