On Friday, June 22, 2018, new health care provider Mary Shick will join Tribal Health.  Mary is an Adult Geriatric Nurse Practitioner, and Certified Diabetes Educator (AGNP, CDE).

Mary joins Tribal Health in an increased effort to support Tribal Health recipients who are managing chronic symptoms of type 1 and type 2 diabetes.

“We are very excited to have Mary Shick join Tribal Health,” said Department Head Teresa Wall-McDonald.  “We are committed to providing health care that improves the quality of life for recipients that are managing diabetes.  Mary is dedicated to help those who experience this chronic condition.”

Mary grew up in Townsend, Mont., and her family has lived in Arlee since 1999.  She received her first nursing degree from MSU Northern in Havre, Mont., then worked in Columbus Hospital (now named Benefis Healthcare) in Great Falls, Mont.  After moving to the western part of the state, Mary worked in the medical oncology unit at St. Patricks Hospital in Missoula before embarking on additional training and experience in the Providence Diabetes Education Program.  

Currently, Mary will see recipients of Tribal Health for two days each month, while continuing her current work as a health care provider in the Western Montana Clinic system in Missoula.

“I went into diabetes education because I began to see how powerful it is to help a person make changes that could add years to their life,” said Mary.  “I am passionate about empowering people with solid strategies, coupled with cutting edge medical care for diabetes, so that recipients can enjoy an improved quality of life.”

Recipients who experience chronic conditions of diabetes can designate Mary as their primary care provider, or can get a referral for Mary’s care by their primary care provider, or through the Tribal Health Diabetes Program.  

To learn more, please call Brenda Bodnar at the Tribal Health Diabetes Program, at 406-745-3525, or visit the website at www.cskthealth.org for more information.

Tribal Health of the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes provides comprehensive health care services to recipients including audiology/speech; behavioral health; dental; medical; nursing; optical; pharmacy; physical therapy; radiology; and wellness across a rich network on the Flathead Indian Reservation.  Tribal Health is dedicated to a promise that every Tribal Health recipient receives high-quality health care grounded in tribal values— supporting each recipient’s journey of “Being in a Good Way.”