Tribal Health Welcomes Transportation Specialist Jace Matt

Q & A with Jace Matt, Transportation Specialist for Tribal Care Coordination (TCC)




Tribal Health job title:  

Transportation Specialist


What are the primary duties of your new position? Transport patients to/from appointments


Where did you receive your education? 

High School Diploma from St Ignatius High School


What is your prior experience relevant to your new position?  

I mostly just have computer experience, but worked with kids, also I can work with difficult people. 


Are you a Tribal Member?  

Yes I am a tribal member.


Where are you from?  

St. Ignatius, MT


Why did you choose a career in health?  

It wasn’t health specifically that caught my eye but transportation sounded fun. 


What are you excited about in your new position?

The driving,and the people I’m going to meet. 


What activities and/or hobbies do you pursue in your free time?

I often workout, play basketball, watch movies, spend time with friends & family and play video games.