Tribal Health will begin training interested members of the community in how to administer naloxone, a lifesaving drug during episodes of opioid overdoses.


Tribal Health Physical Therapists Aaron Sparks and Jason Krumbeck are now certified as Master Trainers through a program called Best Practice Medicine.   Through this designation, Sparks and Krumbeck can train community members in administering naloxone during a suspected opioid overdose.


Additionally, everyone who completes the training also receives a dose of naloxone that they can carry with them (on key chain, etc). This program is through a grant to provide life saving interventions for overdoses in rural communities. There is no cost to participants to get trained. 


The goal is to train all interested community members across the reservation. Participants will need to complete an online training module, and then attend an in-person, one-hour skills check with the Tribal Health Master Trainers.  The skills check classes are limited to 8 participants per instructor per course.


Tribal Health will train as many community members as are interested.


To learn more, and to sign up for the online module, please visit the following websites:


Or call Jason Krumbeck or Aaron Sparks at 406-745-3525.